i art u!

posted on: June 17, 2010


  1. that cat piece is so trippy! i love it though.

    ps - i guess i dont get too many bugs up on the 2nd floor - though that may be a concern of mine when i actually own land next year. hmmmm.

    pps - do you watch Work of Art on Bravo? I heart it much.

  2. Interesting!! So Intriguing!

    Love heels?!

    You should definitely check out my shoe designing BlogSpot,

    The link is, louboutininthemaking.blogspot.com

    All the designs are hand-drawn! Look forward to seeing what you think! Take care x

  3. another VERY inspirational post! lovely.

  4. i totally did a double take on that kitty photo.. w/ the double pair of eyes!!


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