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posted on: September 08, 2010


this is heavy and light. i haven't posted anything on the gulf oil spill but it doesn't mean it hasn't been on my mind and heart! not sure if i have the right words but my friend tommy has really good thoughts about design + current oil spill situation that i resonate with [here]. i thought the above image (from crude awakening) and recording were worth a post. see and hear...check it!

see: jane fulton alt--crude awakening (the effect of the gulf oil spill on americans)

[written and performed for the gulf aid benefit. follow gulf aid on twitter!]


  1. Oh my! that photo is seriously adorable! clicking on the video now... xo

  2. love the first pic from the oil spill. so powerful.

  3. Oh my gosh! That picture from the spill is amazing. Wow.

  4. k this is funny cuz i'm drinking mint tea right this moment

  5. that is amazing and provocative... love it!


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