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posted on: January 05, 2011

it's back! see...and hear. see here:


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hear: excerpt from runaway via oh, my darling
see: black swan via character blog (inspired by hollin's post)

lovers, haters--give me your dish on the following two: kanye, and black swan--surely you have a lot to say!


  1. Black swan is mind blowing. And as for Kanye, I keep trying to dislike him, but I have to admit that he makes it really hard. The music and video are beautiful the lyrics are not. :/

  2. i wanted to see black swam but people say its super creepy. i dont handle super creepy well. hehe.

  3. love all this dancing, thanks for sharing, and was realllly into black swan, pretty amazing

  4. Aghhhh, i don't know how to informally talk about movies.... Black Swan was quivery and desperate and skin-prickly in the most visceral ways. It juxtaposed our most base instincts (when we heard the sound of fingernails clipping or watched the thick strip of skin slowly rip off of her cuticle, our cringing felt like it was coming out of some deep fear learned in the womb) with magnificent ballet that was so ethereal that it seemed too beautiful to be human. And alongside that, the costumes and Natalie Portman's acting.... Basically, I LOVED IT A LOT.

    On the other hand, i honestly thought Runaway was nothing special. :( Throughout the entire half hour, i kept waiting for something mindblowing to happen, but i couldn't get anything beyond "wahh my buddies don't like my girlfriend because she's different, oh no now she's turning into a phoenix and leaving me" interjected with random shots of cliche ~pretty things~....

    This was ridiculously long and probably too enthusiastic for a casual blog comment - sorry!

  5. kanye, in the most eloquent way i can think of, is a dbag.
    i'm waiting for black swan to come out on video so i can snuggle with k. and cover my eyes under a blanket if need be.

  6. Natalie Portman's dress is absolutely fabulous

  7. Black Swan was amazing and a must see on the big screen! I also thought of it when I saw this Kanye video [but maybe that is because I watched it the next day.] Have you seen the full length video about the Phoenix? It's pretty cool. The Phoenix costume blew my mind....much like Natalie's in the black swan scene. Check it out here:

  8. kanye make me want to vomit. sorry. there it is.


    i'm excited to see black swan, not for natalie portman though, but for vincent cassel!

    xo Alison

  9. lover of both.
    i have a great long love of kanye since college drop out. i will always love him. i have not had the time to see runway yet though the album is great. still like college drop out better but this is a great showing of growth.
    black swan was also amazing. natalie portman really stepped up and showed depth where i had not seen it before. it was also visually stunning. great parallel story. the hand held got a little distracting sometimes but sometimes was helpful, thats aronofsky for you.
    will we got your thoughts?

  10. black swan is a big fat piece of art!

  11. ha! i agree with ashley and 'flowers pick themselves' on the kanye comments.

    haven't seen black swan yet, but since all my dough goes to our house these days, i can't stomach spending $20 on a movie for 2 (sans snacks), so i will be waiting for dvd.

  12. I'm a huge fan of Mr. West, but I'm biased because I really like his music. I don't think anyone can argue against him changing the music industry (whether you think for the good or bad) and I also feel like I've never seen someone sit down at a party when a K. West song comes on. As far as his persona, I think the man has gone through a lot and doesn't have anyone close to him to direct his thoughts, so they are just released into the open, under the scrutiny of the public. People mix together his musical talent and him as a person and say they hate him. I definitely think he's made some bonehead decisions, but I also know that if we all had cameras on us all the time, we would all look like asses too. I guess I'm biased to his music too because I felt like each of his albums represented the feeling of my life at each time. It actually kind of freaks me out a little.

    As for Black Swan? Haven't seen it yet.

  13. I haven't seen the movie but LOVE natalie :)
    and the music just FEELS so good!
    so no hate here ♥

  14. i'm so glad you posted the kanye video. i wanted to post screenshots of the video but totally forgot!

  15. LOVED all of your comments/conversations guys!!! exactly what i wanted-- thanks for your input!

  16. natalie's performance in the psycho-thriller black swan drew me in like the red light district; it was dark, sexy, naughty and I simply couldn't look away. Couple her talents and beauty with Mila Kunis [commence drooling] and you have a winner in my book.
    For those of you who haven't seen it, who are you? but seriously...go see it, you won't regret it

    As for kanye, it seems to be a split w/ most ppl: Love him or hate him. While I'm not a fan of arrogance, I am a fan of art [eye art u!!!]. I think Kanye has the capability to fuse art/music/visuals into a stunning package and am looking forward to his new work with Jay-Z.

  17. Thanks for the shoutout! Given how aesthetically interesting I think Kanye's video is, maybe it's time to get to the theaters and see Black Swan!


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